Friday, October 29, 2004

Fewer Surfers Prowling For Porn | October 28, 2004

CBS News | Fewer Surfers Prowling For Porn | October 28, 2004�18:16:51

Who knew?

Why was I not notified that we were going to stop surfing porn? I have been wracking my brain (as well as other body parts) trying to find better ways of multi-tasking this activity, and for what - You people want to quit on me.

Seven years ago, we ruled 20% of the active internet searches to now br reduced to 5 percent. That's a whole lot of quitting in my book. Where is the zeal for doing something well? Where is the pride in workmanship?

The next time I decide to "catch the wave", I will know better than to align myself with with a bunch of quitters who can not tough it out through a few annoying pop-ups or those other ads than go full screen and you can not minimize before the kids enter the room.

So I am mortally wound that my compadres could not sustain this momentum, so don't call me if you are gonna quit on the next big thing.