Thursday, July 09, 2009

Reflections ...

Is this car worth marrying this woman for at least five years and possibly a Honda 400X to boot if you continue the sham ... errr ... loving relationship ordained by God? Jalopnik

I know this is not funny, but ... the fact that it was in New Jerz makes me wonder where Tony Soprano and the gang were when it happened. Hit?

Check dudes track record as he has served our country:
  • referred to Joe McCarthy as a hero for America. here
  • said terrorist would dance in the streets when Obama got elected. here
  • the abuses at Abu Ghraib was just hazing. here
His latest patriotic act ... here

As classy as Keisha Cole is slowly becoming ... Frankie manages do make her take two steps back. here

Sea Lions on the Point ... A new meaning to trapping sea lion ... Gawker

Is 43 too late for me to get one of these? Design Milk

Top Three Hip Hop Report ... Jay, Diddy, Ye ... Anybody surprised? Forbes

The birth of civilization is one thing, but this is a stetch ... The Sun

Obama = Hitler?? Really?? TalkingPoints

Afraid of the Dark? This should help. YouTube