Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Couple Charged In Baby's Death After Three-Day Crack Binge

WFTV.com - News Of The Strange - Couple Charged In Baby's Death After Three-Day Crack Binge

There are a few things that are extremely disconcerting about this article. Thomas, 39 year old female, and Bryan, 46 year old male, embarked on a three day crack binge where it was reported that neither slept more than 4 hours. The result of this wrecklessness lead to the death of an infant. That in itself is extremely sorrowful so I will refrain further mention of the fatal incident because I just don't feel right searching for any comedy in that, the situation these two adults put themselves in is absolutely rife with things to point out and chuckle at.

Submitted for review are a 46 year old man and a 39 year old woman, now admittedly, I am out of the crack circuit, but what adult over 35 still smokes crack? From my understanding, crack is not the type of drug that can be used over a prolonged period of time. Recreational crack quickly becomes habitual crack and the user will quickly become the abuser, and cracked-out is right around the corner.

The most famous crackheads that come to mind are the Browns and Whitney has alledgedly amassed a good deal cash that she could sustain a fairly long crack life, but crack makes the best of us look bad (money or not), as a matter of fact, the less money you have the worse crack will treat you. You could possibly end up doing things so out of character that you can only close your eye and imagine that you are playing the flute in the high school band. But in reality, crack can break you down to your least compound and have you scrambling for more instead of hustling to restore your former life.

The couple in question were having a three day crack party on $500 worth of crack. Again, no crack expert, but I never thought two people could go three hours on $500 dollars worth of crack let alone 3 days. If they only slept a few hours a day, and again who can sleep when they are high on crack, we are basically looking at about 22 hours a day and $250 worth of crack apiece (assuming that Bryan did not pull a pimp move and disproportionally split the pile of crack).

Roughly 66 hours and 250 dollars, $3.78 worth of crack per hour and breaking this down to hourly increments is generous because not many crackheads can go an hour without using - ask Bobby or Whitney. $3.78 worth of crack cocaine, you can not go to a crack dealer with $3.78, he will either shoot you or have the cops pick you up at his door - cracked out and going to jail (not a very good look). At least the Browns have the wherewithal and personal acumen to know that they will need more than $3.78 to keep up their level of crack abuse. These people were obviously not accustomed to have a 3 day crack binge because went so south so very quickly for them.

Crack is surely a young persons game. Older folks on crack cannot keep the beast from leading the shame and mockery parade through their lives. After thirty-five, the only crack I can accept is when the plumber visits or maybe a strip bar or two, but that is it. So if anyone in the crack game happens to read this posting, please check ID's. It will go a long way in protesting the fabric of our lives.