Wednesday, November 10, 2004 - News - Boss Spanked Employees For Mistakes, Police Say - News - Boss Spanked Employees For Mistakes, Police Say

This is truly strange and sort of creepy, but a simple example of how some people can convince themselves that they are on the right side by what they believe to be true.

Mr. Paul Levengood (57) owns and runs the Tasty Flavors Sno Biz in Red Bank, TN. Now, I have never been very adept to geography and I am about as unfamiliar with Tennessee geography as I am to lederhosen, kiddie porn, or doing thing by the books. But if I had to hazard a guess to where our man Levengood is, I would say somewhere between Red Neck and Red Arse.

Paul decided to be the full authority at the Tasty Flavors by deciding to discipline a couple of employee a their transgressions. The two nineteen year old girls accused P. Leezee of spanking them when they made mistakes on the job.

I am often accused of making the envision the worst in people or forecasting the gloom of most situations, but I can only imagine how popping things were at the Tasty Flavors. Pops spanking the young girls in his office with the black light illuminating the posters on the wall, as the disco ball fixed to the ceiling speckles the room. Big Daddy has the incense working as he swings his custom paddle -Pain is Love- through the air.

"Tell me you been a naughty girl." is heard from said back room as some pimply-faced kid is trying to take sno-cone orders from a couple of late night customers.

Mr. Levengood was under the assumption that he was protected from any prosecution of executing these acts because the girls obviously signed off on a spanking waiver in their application. The statement gave him permission to "bust my behind any way he sees fit." Hmmmmm. Obviously that did not fly as he is now free on $2000 bond.

So get with me after I open my Tasty Flavors franchise. Spankings going down in VIP and get you fresh sno cone on the way out.