Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Houston's Finest ...

Along with such things as :
  • the cute girl that is actually a dude
  • the candy hamburger that actually taste like .... a hamburger
  • the holiday where you actually have to work
I humbly submit - 

The may appear to be that classic Mercedes SL that the ballers rolled back in the 90's, but upon closer inspection it is not.  

This vehicle indeed can be had through Craigslist from a seller in the Houston area for the low low price $3,995.  

If you are a 80's baby and the idea of cutting the alligator off an IZOD/LaCoste polo and pasting or gluing the said logo onto the brand new LeTigre polo then you would not have any problem with the fact that your SL is actually a Chrysler LeBaron.  But let's just say you are either gonna roll solo or convince any passengers that the result of the Chrysler/Daimler merger.  Good Luck.