Thursday, March 23, 2006

I often try to avoid being the nemesis in someone else's reality. Whoever and however a person has formed their reality, so be it. If you like it, I love it. And as long as it does not interfere with my reality or assaults my sensibilities, I have no real objection to anything anyone else will do. Until today ......

Today I ran across a picture that invaded my RSS aggregator and it grabbed my sensibilities by the neck and shook us damn near to the point of passing out. I don't know anybody in this picture and the is no real story behind it.

What it does is give me justification for opposing any stance for same sex marriage.

Ricky Williams donning a wedding dress was probably a cathartic and liberating experience for him, but it was staged to make the point that there would eventually be a divorce between Williams, Ditka, and the New Orleans Saints organization. This guy in the picture above sports the wedding dress in gayful bliss of the nuptials of spending a lifetime with his homey.

Not that there is anything WRONG with that.

What become so harsh is the fact that this guy makes for one of the most gruesome brides that I have ever seen - whether serious or staged.

I know that I had very little to do with making the wedding pictures that my wife and I share palatable. It was all her and she carried the photo shoot and made the pictures worthwhile.

So yes, as shallow as it may sound (and I have been known to be as deep as a thimble), I oppose same sex marriage because of the ugly wedding photos. Now some may say, 'Hold on, what about two women? That's art right?' Yes, they would be correct. Two women 'being' together late night on SkineMax is art. The union between Butch and the Lipstick is not art and the thought of Butch suiting up in a tux for the picture gives my stomach the same feeling I had when I wonder what Elvis saw in Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon Sandwiches.