Monday, January 24, 2005 - Lawmaker says he shares homes with 2 women - Jan 24, 2005

Playaz gotta play, Ballaz gotta ball .... R. Kelly

From the files of "Why Could This Have Not Worked for Me"

State Senator John Ford, a Memphis Democrat, who has headed senate committees on the state's child welfare policies - has found a way to exercise the very margins of the laws that he created. Ford has been divorced since 2002, a bitter contest that led his ex-wife to crash her sedan into the home of his long time girlfriend.

Now if you want a full view of the scoreboard: Ex-wife - 3 kids, Long time girlfriend - 2. Ford has managed to stay out of the greedy clutches of CHSUP by maintaining two families and physically living in both houses. Label how you will, all I can say is "Now that is PIMP!".

Ford is free to traipse between two houses with no issues. Originally, I thought that the only way this could happen is if the good state representative either is living two lives on the DL or it is purely a financial thing and the women have agreed to let him sleep on the couch in either residence. Well, that thought quickly vanished after reading that the former Mrs. Ford is six months pregnant by Mr. Ford.

Damn It. How does this guy get away with it? Let me benefit off the sale of a Halloween Mars bar that one of my in-house kids pass over. The AG will swoop down so fast taking their cut that all you will see is two dimes spinning in the wind. In Texas they are so cold that they will charge interest on any back child support, but not necessarily pay out that interest amount collected.

Ford skirts the entire AG involvement by maintaining the households for both women and dropping in for a little nookie on the side. Yes, I said side nookie, because apparently Rep. Ford's lifestyle has come to question only because a third woman has a ten year old fathered by Ford. Skeezer #3 has sued Ford to increase the $500 per month that she receives from his $385K plus salary.

Ah, a chink in the chain, apparently Pimpy could not keep his skee-o's in check because this third person has not only won a suit charging that with an employee of then General Sessions Clerk Ford. She claims that while "ahem" working under Ford, she was sexually harassed and now has a ten year old son.

Mr. Ford, I just wanna know how I can be down with your program?