Thursday, November 13, 2008

'W' please go quietly ...

'W' put out feelers to certain publishing houses about crafting his memoirs and the silence was deafening.  Understandably so, I mean is there anything to gain from reading his view on the last eight years?  Bush is not a guy with the great gift of subterfuge, so the things he directed as President and the motives are fairly clear, so I don't think the general public is ready for the Bush book tour which would surely include an appearance on 'The View' and Elizabeth Hasslebeck's GOP lap dance (I just threw up in my mouth).

So in the absence of hearing G-Dub stammer about the behind the scenes events of the last eight years, comes news that '43' will more than likely follow the lead of Harry Truman and recuse himself and fellow crooks ... er .... cronies from testifying before any court that has questions on who knew what when CIA agent Plame was exposed, why attorneys that were not compliant with Bush edicts were fired, why were GITMO detainees denied an opportunity to speak with anyone other than the guys that were torturing them, etc.

The right to escape or block such inquiries was brought to light in '53 after Truman left and Eisenhower took over and the country wanted to know how an individual that had at one point been labeled a Communist could be appointed head of the International Monetary Fund by the Fair Deal author.

Truman quickly had his lawyer's draft a letter explaining that any testimony that he could offer would be a violation of trust to the office that he no longer held and the '53 Congress backed off even though there was no legal precedence that gave him that true power.

Since then, Nixon used the Truman reference to dodge Watergate testimony and now Poppy's eldest boy is poised to block any questions citing the same incident.  Somehow the Jack Nicholson scene from 'A Few Good Men' comes to mind, "You can't handle the truth!!!!"

Please Mr. Bush, go quietly into that good night ...

Get Out of My TV ...

I can be more tolerant than most people would guess.  I give most people a pass as they try to fabricate the image they chose to present to the outside world - up to two particular points.  Don't try to convince me when I know better (especially when you don't make a salient point) and overexposure is never a good thing for anybody, anytime, no matter the circumstance.

With that being said, I have pushed away from the table, but yet I am being force fed a spoiled helping of Sarah Palin and the retching spasms have started.  Somebody please take her off my TV before I end up deep sixing in the same fashion as Jimi Hendrix or Mama Cass Elliot.  

Governor, you are exceeding your fifteen minute limit.  Every moment over the limit is causing excruciating pain to everyone capable of receiving television broadcast transmissions.