Thursday, October 07, 2004

Call You What ?????

99% of us at some point have been called some other name than our god given monikers. Whether you like it or not we have all been called something. Most people have a cousin Pookie, Ray Ray, or Bubba. The childhood nicknames usually derive from a drunken uncle that would not have remembered you name if you had it plastered on your forehead. "Hey, Stinky, go get your Uncle Pooh a Budweiser." Thanks to Uncle Pooh, you will for ever be known as Stinky.

I went to grade school with a guy who for some unfortunate string of events was tagged 'Breath'.

We were on a field trip to the aquarium and this guy was watching the fish, but no fish swam directly in front of him. Another student, who was three years older than everyone else, but could not advance past the fifth grade where his mother was the teacher, cracked that his breath was so bad the fish could not swim in front of him. Thus, 'Breath' was born. The guy developed such a complex about it that he now has diabetes from all the gum he used to freshen his breath throughout the years.

There is also a segment of the population, which has donned their own moniker; something that they think suits them better than Todd or Brad. And so in the introduction they will begin their intro with, 'Just call me ....'. What you running from dude? Are you in witness protection or what? They names are usually T-Bone, Cool Breeze, or Butch. I'm sorry, can't do it. How about I call you Larry - Your mother does. His mama call him Clay, I'm gonna call him Clay.

Nicknames are not something that you bestow on yourself and they rarely stick if they are not truly descriptive or are a derivative of your name or where you are from. Several years ago, I bumped into a cat wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers cap and glasses. We introduce ourselves and he addresses himself as Spike. Hmmmm. Am I to call him Spike because he weighs 105 and has the glasses and hat, or was it genuine. Regardless, I could not bring myself to it. There has to be some nickname criteria set. If your new handle contains, Big, Sweet, Sexy, Boss, Rock, Juicy, Smooth, Pretty, or any offshoot; you get the 'Hey You' from me. Furthermore you will force me to make fun of you. If you go so far as to purchase any article of clothing with any of the aforementioned names, either get a hug or seek professional help - prescription drugs may not be a stretch.