Thursday, October 07, 2004

For Entertainment Purposes Only - Odds

There are opportunities for magic this weekend. This posting is for entertainment purposes only, but there is money to be made. Don't catch a brick. You don't wanna be caught in the rain without you raincoat.

Miami is a 13 point underdog. New England will score late to cover.
- This was too obvious. +100

Cleveland is pathetic, but they play big when least expected. Take the points, even though that +240 looks sweet.
- Roht, Roh. -110 Overall -10

Indianapolis is prime for an upset and if Oakland wins, I will be convinced that NFL players are on the take.
- A cover. +100 Overall +90

If you think Detroit can cover don't pass on the +250 money line.
- Ding. Ding. Ding. +250 Overall +340

Tampa Bay will get off the schneid and who better to do it against than New Orleans. $100 get you $155.
- I feeling it. +155 Overall +495

I hate to say it, but take the Giants money line against the Cowboys. $100 gets $160.
- I'm good. +160 Overall +655

Minnesota comes to Houston to destroy their buzz. Minnesota -4
- Don't hate me. +100 Overall +755

Buffalo is crap. The Jets have a soft schedule and will not cover 7. Buffalo +7
- This is sweet. +100 Overall +855

Jacksonville covers on the road v. San Diego. Jax -3.
- Ooops. -110 Overall +745

Denver will not win nor cover. Take the Panthers on the money line and double up. $100 get you $200.
- But what do I know. -100 Overall +645

Seattle covers 7 against the Rams. Seattle -7.
- The slide continues. -110 Overall +535

Arizona beats the Niners and wins $105 on a $100 bet.
- What got into the Niners. -100 Overall +435

Seven up, Five down. Overall wins $435.

Washington/Baltimore is too much of a toss up.

Parlay, Box, Straight. Play these as you will, but remember even though they are stone cold lead pipe locks. Take them with a grain of caution.